Welcome to StepUp IT Services

My name is Gerallt Bath.

I come from an IT background, with experience going back to 1989, where I started my career in setting up computers and networks. Originally on the 2-way and Marnet systems
I have had the opportunity to work with various Operating Systems, incl DOS, Linux and Microsoft. Microsoft from the early 90`s, and various Linux distros, incl CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Linux Mint, Bodhi and Arch Linux, among others.
I have also been involved since then with advanced networking with servers and securing of networks, and have also picked up other skills along the way, such as SQL Databases, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking and Digital Forensics.

I have also qualified in all of the aforementioned, and have been teaching since 2007, in related subjects, for different colleges and educational institutions, across South Africa.

Looking forward to being of service to you, and your home and business networks.